Robust Digital Health Solutions

Lightweight theme framework with useful customization features that help you build better websites with blocks

FHIR Authentication server

An Oauth2 FHIR authentication server. Robust, scalable, SMART on FHIR compatible.

DHIS2 Cloud Hosting

Cloud-based DHIS2 hosting solutions and maintenance. With unmatched support.

Advanced Data Visualization

Visualize, analyze data and make data driven decisions with Apache Superset.


We provide guiding for digital health system design, development and implementation and interoperability.

FHIR Profiling

Getting started with FHIR? Our team of experts are here to help you with FHIR profiling and implementation.

Experienced team of experts

Our experienced developers and digital health experts have decades of combined experience in creating, implementing and scaling digital health solutions.

Worry less about tech, focus more on delivery of care

Full support for the Create Block Theme plugin which allows you to customize every aspect of your design in the Site Editor and export your own child theme

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