About Zemantic

Zemantic is a team of digital health experts, developers with collective experience of over a decade in developing, and implementing digital health systems and interoperability standards.

We provide digital health solutions in sevaral ways,

  • We provide software that are developed by the Zemantic team
    • FHIR Auth – A SMART on FHIR compatible HL7 FHIR authentication server
  • Designing and developing custom tailormade digital health solutions on request
  • Providing cloud solutions that are scalable, secure and with addons
  • Consulting organization on their digital health journey to pick up the correct solutions, providing training.
    • FHIR profiling
    • DHIS2 customization and implementation

These are some of the serves that Zemantic provides but not limited to. We are happy to work with international healthcare organizations, non profit organizations and start ups to build and deliver quality digital healthcare solutions.

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